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Introduction to defence industry

A resource for business

The Queensland Government established Defence Jobs Queensland to support the state's defence industry. We are working hard to promote a smart, connected and efficient defence industry that will deliver to your requirements. Queensland has an approachable, highly skilled and professional workforce that is globally competitive, and we can help you tap into this.

A platform has been created to help Queensland businesses in our defence, aerospace and maritime industry sectors promote their capabilities to local, national and international customers.

Queensland Defence Industries Capability Directory

The Queensland Defence Industries Capability Directory (Directory) is an online database where users can find specific capabilities in Queensland.

Defence & Aerospace Capability Workshop Series

With the growth of defence industries, in Australia and internationally, has come increased complexity in the skills needed to deliver modern equipment and services. We’re ensuring Queensland businesses have access to the resources they need to fulfil defence contracts.

Defence Jobs Queensland and the Defence Industry Hubs, alongside Michael Fairweather and Associates, are the proud delivery partners of the Defence and Aerospace Capability Workshop Series. Watch our four-part video training series which gives you an insight into the workshops and their content. Further information about upcoming workshops can be found on our Events calendar.

Defence industry hubs

Located in Townsville and Ipswich. Your Defence Industry Hubs are here to help businesses become 'defence ready' to access state, national and global defence supply chain opportunities. The hubs are based in Ipswich and Townsville but provide services and support to businesses across the State. Subscribe here to join be included in our updates and join our database.

Department of Defence - finding opportinities

Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) meets the ADF’s military equipment and supply requirements as identified by Defence and approved by the Government.

Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG) is responsible for ensuring Defence has a dependable, secure and integrated Defence Single Information Environment to support Defence business and military operations.

Security and Estate Group protects and advances the ADF’s strategic interests through the provision of security services, estate services and infrastructure delivery.

Joint Capabilities Group (JCG) supports the ADF by providing enabling capabilities, including logistics support and services, cyber, data link and satellite communications, health services, professional military education and training and military legal services.

Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) is the Australian government’s lead agency responsible for applying science and technology to safeguard Australia and its national interests.

Office for Defence Industry Support (ODIS)

The Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) works closely with State and Territory agencies, industry associations and Defence business partners to provide a seamless experience for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to engage with Defence.  The core function of ODIS, through its industry engagement teams located around Australia, is to provide advisory, guidance and mentoring services to SMEs to help deliver capability that equips and sustains the Australian Defence Force.

ODIS Defence Industry Advisers are available to travel to your business and provide one on one advice including:

  • Providing free specialist defence business advice, increasing the competitiveness of Australian Defence SME partners so they have the capability to integrate into supply chains and grow to become competitive providers.
  • Advising on Defence procurement programs.
  • Helping Defence Primes find Australian suppliers.
  • Identifying SMEs who can meet Defence needs.
  • Linking innovative industry initiatives with Defence end users.
  • Advising on grants and other support to assist SMEs.

A free Defence Business Readiness Tool (DBRT) is available to assist businesses understand their readiness to work in Defence industry. The ODIS Defence Industry Advisers available to mentor businesses in the use of the tool.

Subscribe to ODIS updates here.

Research and development

Trusted Autonomous Systems Defence Cooperative Research Centre

DMTC develops technology solutions and provides advice enabling industry to enhance Australian Defence and national security capabilities.

The Queensland Defence Science Alliance (QDSA) is the inaugural, state-based portal to facilitate and strengthen connections and collaborations between Queensland universities, Government and the wider Defence industry through Defence Science Technologies Group (DSTG).

Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities(SIC-Ps)

Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities are those:

  • operationally critical to the Defence mission;
  • priorities within the Integrated Investment Program over the next three to five years; or
  • in need of dedicated monitoring, management, and support due to their industrial complexity, Government priority, or requirements across multiple capability programs.

Defence’s Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities are (in no particular order):

  • Combat clothing survivability and signature reduction technologies
  • Munitions and small arms research, design, development and manufacture
  • Land combat and protected vehicles and technology upgrades
  • Aerospace platform deeper maintenance and structural integrity
  • Collins class submarine maintenance and technology upgrade
  • Continuous shipbuilding program (including rolling submarine acquisition)
  • Enhanced active phased array and passive radar capability
  • Advanced signal processing capability
  • Surveillance and intelligence
  • Test, evaluation, certification and systems assurance
  • Robotics, autonomous systems, and artificial intelligence
  • Precision guided munitions, hypersonic weapons, and integrated air and missile defence systems
  • Space
  • Information warfare and cyber capabilities

The Sovereign Industrial Capability Priorities identify a number of elements of the Australian defence industrial base at a capability rather than company or technology level. This encourages innovation in existing technologies and provides flexibility in supporting current critical capabilities.

Defence Industry Security Program (DISP)

*Please note: The Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) is transitioning to new staffing and support arrangements. While the transition is undertaken, any progress on DISP applications/ memberships are on pause as of 7 June 2023 until further notice.

As requirements for information security continue to become top of mind for those working in Defence, there will be fierce competition between businesses who have the capability to:

  • Work on classified information or assets safely and securely
  • Store or transport weapons and explosive ordnance
  • Provide security services for Defence bases and facilities.

As a result the requirement of businesses to obtain a Defence Industry Security Program (DISP) Membership will continue to be on the rise.

  • The DISP, managed by the Defence Industry Security Office (DISO), supports Australian businesses to understand and meet their security obligations when engaging in Defence projects, contracts and tenders. It is essentially security vetting for Australian businesses. The DISP:

    • Helps you to get the right security requirements when delivering Defence contracts and tenders.
    • Gives you access to Defence security advice and support services.
    • Helps you better understand and manage security risks across your business.

    - Provides confidence and assurance to Defence and other government entities (either Australian or foreign) when procuring goods and services from industry members.

  • DISP membership offers:

    • Improved security operating environment for your business as security practices are strengthened.
    • Access to Defence security services that will enable you to be ‘Defence-ready’ when delivering contracts and tenders.
    • Ability to sponsor your own security clearances (not available for Entry Level membership).
    • Greater access to international contracts as you may be able to have your security clearances recognised by international partners.
    • Security training and materials, including cyber training.
    • Advice and analysis on the latest security trends and threats to better inform your security planning and practices.
    1. Familiarise yourself with Defence Security Principles Framework (DSPF) and Australian Governmentsecurity clearances.
    2. Determine the levels of membership you need
    3. Assess how closely your business currently meets the levels of membership you require
    4. Fill out the DISP application forms and save them to your computer
    5. Email your completed application forms to

    Further application information can be found here.

International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and International for Aerospace Quality Management Systems (AS) Certifications

The International Organisation for Standardisation, or ISO, publishes over 23,000 international standards governing virtually all aspects of manufacturing and technology.

Despite the hard work, achieving ISO or AS certification symbolises an outward commitment to quality and says to the wider market and other defence industry partners that your organisation operates at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. For most businesses, gaining these certifications can also be a gateway to working towards DISP Membership.

Defence Prime Contractors

Defence Primes (sometimes referred to as Major Defence Contractors) are defined as ‘prime contractors which contract directly with the Capability and Sustainment Group (CASG) and employ more than 200 people working essentially fulltime on Defence projects’. Prime contractors are engaged by Defence on long-term contracts with possible sub-contracting opportunities for businesses.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Business - Opportunities and Support

The Indigenous Procurement Policy team are available to assist Indigenous businesses with procurement activities including education and awareness, business matching and reporting. A link to the Indigenous Procurement Policy information sheet can be found here.


  • Australian Defence Export Office coordinates the whole-of-government effort to support the export success of Australian defence industry. The Office is responsible for delivering the initiatives outlined in the Defence Export Strategy.
  • Global Supply Chain Program aims to increase the number of Australian small to medium-sized enterprises (SME's), universities and research organisations embedded in the supply chains of the multinational defence prime contractors. The Office of Defence Industry Support (ODIS) manages the Global Supply Chain Program (GSCP) on behalf of Defence and the eight prime contractors involved in the program: BAE Systems, Boeing, Leidos, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Rheinmetall and Thales.
  • Team Defence Australia is the premier national platform for export-capable Australian defence and dual-use companies to showcase their goods, services, technology and solutions at international trade events.
  • Defence Export Controls regulates the export and supply of military and dual-use goods and technologies.
  • Trade and Investment Queensland (TIQ) with a network of international offices, TIQ can work with Queensland businesses to support their entry into new markets.
  • Austrade is the Australian Government’s international trade promotion and investment attraction agency.
  • The Australian Industry Group Exporters Guide
  • Export Finance Australia is the government’s export credit agency.

Defence Industry Portals (Opportunities and Work Packages)

BenchOn is a platform designed for Enterprises to more effectively engage other businesses and independent contractors.

Industry Capability Network (ICN) Queensland’s aim is to contribute to business and employment growth and foster innovation by identifying procurement opportunities for local industry.  

AusTender is the centralized publication of Australian Government business opportunities, annual procurement plans and contracts awarded.

Industry Networking

  • Defence Industry Hubs subscribe here to join be included in our updates and join our database.
  • The Australian Industry and Defence Network (AIDN)is the peak industry association providing advocacy, representation and member services for SMEs wishing to do business in the defence and security sectors.
  • Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) is the national peak body for the Australian Defence industry providing a bridge between government and industry.
  • Defencein Business connects businesses and active and former Service members in Australia through tailored networking, education and career opportunities.
  • Defence Industry Networking(DIN) established by Defence industry professionals, Defence Industry Networking is an informal forum for industry stakeholders to meet, network and develop relationships. Membership is free, no registrations are required.

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