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Queensland's sophisticated and dynamic aviation and aerospace sector has capabilities in the following areas:


Maintenance, repair and overhaul of a range of military and commercial engines including:

  • GE T700
  • F414-GE-400
  • F404-GE-402
  • F135
  • F35
  • F117-PW-100
  • PT6A
  • PT6T
  • JT15D
  • PW100
  • PW307A
  • PW308A
  • PW308C
  • TFE731
  • TPE331
  • H80
  • GE T700
  • M250
  • RR300

Design and manufacturing

  • computer controlled original equipment manufacturer (OEM) correlated engine test cells, supporting a range of engines including the Rolls-Royce Model 250 Series, LTS101 Series and GE T700; PT6A series and GE F404, F414, H80, RR Adour and Honeywell TPE331 gas turbine engines
  • design, upgrade, engineering support and maintenance of gas turbine test cells
  • component manufacturing using a range of computer numeric controlled machines capable of producing titanium and aluminium parts up to 3.5 metres in length
  • design and manufacture of microwave and photonic components for electronic warfare systems, including frequency converters, transmit receive modules and millimetre-wave receivers
  • manufacturing of alternate mission equipment (AME) weapon adaptors, which comprise over 60 mechanical and electromechanical components used by the Australian Defence Force and other military forces
  • manufacture and supply of cockpit ballistic protection
  • niche machining and electronics manufacture
  • complete painting and refinishing of exterior, cabin interior and components for civil and defence aircraft and assets including Airbus 320 and Hercules C-130J-30 aircraft
  • vacuum brazing
  • autoclave curing of composites up to 7250 millimetres long
  • electromechanical enclosures and sub-assemblies
  • airframe/components design and construction, aging aircraft support and upgrade techniques
  • development of fibre-reinforced composites and metal-composite hybrid materials for lightweighting of structures and components.


  • level D accredited KC-30A full-flight and mission simulator (FFMS)
  • level D accredited MRH90 FFMS
  • Helicrew Bell 206B-1 Kiowa simulator
  • level D accredited Australian Tiger FFMS including latest generation BARCO F35 projectors and the world's highest 'out of the window' realism
  • AW139 and Bell 206 simulators
  • aerospace and engineering-related technical and tertiary education
  • civil and defence aircrew training
  • Australia's only CH-47 Chinook helicopter flight simulators.


  • hypersonics and electronics research and development
  • world-leading research in unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) development.

Facility: Flying Colours Aviation

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021