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You can contact Defence Jobs Queensland via phone or email:

Defence Jobs Queensland office

  • Office:
    Level 18, 1 William Street PO Box

    Postal address:
    15009, City East, Queensland 4002
    1 William Street, Brisbane 4000

Defence Industry Hubs

Contact our defence industry hubs to help your business become defence ready to access state, national and global defence supply chain opportunities.

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How we can help you

How you can help us

Share your success: If you are a Queensland organisation working in the defence sector with a good news story to share, please let us know by emailing This could be your involvement in a defence project, receipt of an award, development of a new technology, development of a new partnership, or defence contract won.

Let us know if your organisation has any photo or video opportunities coming up that can help us showcase Queensland's facilities, capabilities and projects.

Give us your feedback. Whether it's to do with our website, events, newsletter or other activities, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

Last updated: 25 Mar 2024