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Queensland's capabilities in the innovation sector include:

  • automated systems development including onboard sensor systems
  • uncrewed systems
  • hypersonic aerodynamics
  • surveillance technologies, including non-cooperative facial recognition
  • fibre composite development with a concentration of autoclaves located in South East Queensland
  • materials development including unique composite structures and nanotechnology
  • microelectronics
  • robotics
  • microwave and radio frequency communication technologies
  • data security
  • geospatial technology including geographic information systems (GIS) development
  • visualisation and simulation technologies.
  • space technologies, including Earth observation data analytics, launch, ground systems, systems component manufacturing, robotics and automation.

In addition to specialised innovation projects, 80% of Queensland companies working in the defence sector invest in research and development (R&D), highlighting the progressive attitude of our industry. Of these companies, almost 60% spend $100,000 or more each year on R&D activities.


Last updated: 21 Jun 2022