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Queensland: Australia’s next-generation defence supplier

Queensland’s capabilities

Rheinmetall Defence Australia (Rheinmetall) has established its Australia-New Zealand Headquarters and Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence (MILVEHCOE) in Redbank, Ipswich. The Queensland Government is committed to its long-term partnership with Rheinmetall and shares its vision for the MILVEHCOE’s capacity to deliver Australia’s sovereign military vehicle capability. The MILVEHCOE’s South East Queensland location provides many advantages.

Close to Army

Nearly 70% of the operational vehicles delivered under LAND 400 Phase 2 will be based in Queensland. The MILVEHCOE’s central location between the vehicle’s main hubs of Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin and Adelaide is cost-effective and operationally efficient. Close collaboration with Army ensures that capability meets tactical needs.

Close to defence and heavy vehicle industries

The MILVEHCOE is in the heart of Australia’s largest heavy vehicle manufacturing and sustainment precinct. From a supply chain perspective, Rheinmetall has unrivalled access to a concentration of relevant industrial capability in South East Queensland. The MILVEHCOE is located in a high-tech defence industry belt that stretches from the Port of Brisbane and Brisbane Airport in the east through to RAAF Base Amberley in the west. This thriving industry ecosystem includes key suppliers Boeing Defence Australia, Elbit Systems, Harris Corp and Raytheon.

Close to skills and training

South East Queensland has the ready, high-skilled workforce required to deliver LAND 400. Furthermore, to continue developing the workforce expertise needed by the modern defence industry, the Queensland Government is funding skills programs specifically for SMEs including:

  • the Welding Capability Development Program delivered in partnership with the Defence Materials Technology Centre
  • the purchase of 15 augmented reality welding simulators to accelerate TAFE training to ISO 9606 standards.

In addition to world-leading universities and vocational education facilities, South East Queensland has innovative, defence-relevant, research and development institutions including:

  • Defence Materials Technology Centre
  • Centre for Advanced Materials Processing and Manufacturing
  • The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Robotic Vision
  • Defence Science and Technology Organisation hypersonics research facility
  • Queensland Micro- and Nanotechnology Centre
  • The Queensland Quantum Optics Laboratory – ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems
  • Queensland Cyber Infrastructure Foundation
  • Defence Co-operative Research Centre for Trusted Autonomous Systems
  • Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT)
  • CSIRO Data61’s Robotics Innovation Centre.

Close to export markets

The MILVEHCOE’s location provides the foundation for Rheinmetall to realise opportunities far beyond LAND 400 Phase 2. South East Queensland is Australia’s gateway to the growth markets of the Asia Pacific, and positions Rheinmetall to realise its ambition of a centre of defence expertise suitable for global markets.

Last updated: 16 Nov 2021