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Tafe queensland builds big rig skills

SkillsTech, part of TAFE Queensland at Acacia Ridge, is now the state’s leading specialist provider of trade and technical training in the automotive and engineering industries.

With an increasing demand for qualified heavy-vehicle mechanics, SkillsTech has grown steadily since its beginnings in 2011. Based at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane's southern suburbs, the impressive SkillsTech truck workshop is situated near south-east Queensland's fast-growing heavy vehicle corridor that extends out to Wacol.

A key factor in SkillsTech's growth is their impressive truck workshop. It is equipped with everything necessary—both high-tech and traditional—to teach their students skills ranging from engine reconditioning to brake systems, through to the rebuilding of gearboxes and differentials.

The workshop features trucks provided by leading manufacturers such as Volvo Group Australia and is large enough for four trucks to be worked on at the same time, with plenty of space for ancillary tasks.

SkillsTech prides itself on the well-rounded training provided to their students including the art of engine and gearbox rebuilds, ensuring the next generation of heavy vehicle mechanics are ready for the transport industry.

SkillsTech heavy vehicle training centre (left) and students in the workshop. Photos: Courtesy of TAFE Queensland.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021