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Tae to commercialise wearable technology

TAE to commercialise wearable technology for aerospace industry

Commercial and defence aircraft operators will be able to reduce aircraft down-time and maintenance costs, thanks to new wearable technology that can remotely connect technicians with aviation experts from around the world.

Under a new licensing agreement, TAE, an Australian aerospace company headquartered in Queensland, will commercialise CSIRO's Guardian Mentor Remote (GMR) wearable technology system, making it available to the global aerospace industry.

GMR is hands-free technology that uses a headset and glasses to connect experts with on-site operators so they can provide real-time assistance. This means companies can undertake aircraft and engine repairs and maintenance without having to fly in specialist engineers or mechanics.

The potential cost savings with the use of this technology are remarkable. A non-operational plane can cost a company up to $12,000 per hour. This will have huge potential to reduce maintenance costs and increase efficiency across the aerospace industry, particularly with regional airlines.

The GMR prototype has already been trialled by Boeing and Aviation Australia. TAE will now commercialise the technology and make it available to aerospace companies around the world from late 2015.

TAE is Australasia's premier provider of turbine engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services. They also provide industry-leading services in aerospace engineering, advanced manufacturing, avionics, fuel and electrical component maintenance, aircraft wheels and brakes, and material sales.

Please see TAE's website for more information on their organisation and capabilities.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021