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Major defence tender opportunity

Major defence tender opportunity

LAND 8140 - Deployable Force Infrastructure Project

The Department of Defence's LAND 8140 project is giving Queensland businesses the opportunity to help modernise and improve the Australian Defence Force's (ADF) critical support capabilities.

Phase 1 of this multimillion-dollar project consists of three tranches to enhance the ADF's ability to provide responsive, scalable and adaptable deployable infrastructure to meet their evolving operational needs.

The ADF uses deployable infrastructure for a range of operations, from full-scale conflict to peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.

The first tranche of the project will invest in supplying cutting-edge deployable power, shelter, catering and waste management services.

Our Defence Industry Hub teams in Ipswich and Townsville are helping to identify local capability to supply the project, and supporting businesses to tender directly or consider participating in the project supply chain.

To discuss LAND 8140 opportunities, contact your closest Defence Industry Hub:

Visit AusTender for more information and to submit your tender by 30 June 2020.

Last updated: 16 Nov 2021