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Insights from the envoy december 2016

Insights from the Queensland Defence Industries' and Aerospace Envoy

One of the objectives I was asked to achieve on entering this role was to leave a legacy of knowledge, capability and an awareness of how defence operates within the DIQld team. I could not have had a finer team to work with, which in turn made it easy to achieve this objective. Under the leadership of the Director of DIQld, Mal Lane, the team has accomplished a great deal in the last three years and I am confident that I leave one of the most capable defence industry development teams in the country. Feedback from industry and defence support this view, and I believe the team is well positioned to support the inevitable industry growth that will follow implementation of the latest White Paper and Defence Industry Policy 2016.

I was also asked to increase the visibility of Queensland's defence industry and I also believe this has been accomplished. Raising the profile of industry has taken some time, but the distinctive brand of DIQld is now well-known and our consistent message of industries needing to be where the fleets are for land and aerospace acquisition and support is well understood – we are the front line for defence industry.

Assessing the change in work scope and value by industry is always a challenge due to contract disclosure restrictions, lack of visibility of formal prime contractor work distribution and a natural desire within the industry to keep a close hold on competitive positioning. However, it is clear that annual defence contracts awarded to Queensland registered companies has increased by over $400 million during the last three years, and this growth is supported by further orders revealed during close engagement with industry leaders. I am confident that the team's effort to create an environment that improves awareness, understanding, and how to win in the defence arena, has shifted the needle and set a good foundation for future success.

In closing, I would also like to thank all of you in defence industry and defence itself who have leant forward to assist and support the team, and to act in the national interest to ensure that we do everything we can to continue to build a strong resilient industry base capable of supporting our defence force, and I look forward to this support continuing with Mal and the team.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021