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How the federal budget impacts defence industries in queensland

How the federal budget impacts defence industries in Queensland

On 12 May 2015 the Australian Government introduced the Budget 2015-16 bill to parliament. The bill makes provision for $31.9 billion in defence expenditure in 2015-16.

Queensland is set to receive in excess of $64 million for improvements to defence capital facilities, which builds on the significant expenditure taking place prior to 2015-16 at Gallipoli, Lavarack, and Kokoda Barracks and the Wide Bay and Greenbank Training Areas.

Projects in development being considered for first pass approval include:

  • AIR 5077 Phase 5A - Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) Interoperability Compliance Upgrade
  • LAND 1771 Phase 1 - Geospatial Support Systems for the Land Force.

Projects in development being considered for second pass approval include:

  • AIR 8000 Phase 2 - C-27J Facilities
  • DEF 2044 Phase 4A - Digital Topographical Systems Upgrade
  • DEF 7013 Phase 4 - Joint Intelligence Support System
  • DEF 2069 Phase 3 - High Grade Cryptographic Equipment
  • LAND 121 Phase 4 - Overlander – Protected Mobility Vehicle Light
  • LAND 155 Phase 1 - Enhanced Gap Crossing Capability
  • LAND 500 Phase 1 - Remediation of Land Tactical Electronic Warfare
  • SEA 1770 Phase 1 - Rapid Environmental Assessment.

View the Defence Portfolio Budget Statements.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021