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Gold coast company craig international ballistics wins land 125 phase 3b contract

Gold Coast company Craig International Ballistics wins Land 125 Phase 3B contract

Land 125 Phase 3B contract signing

Robert Craig, James Craig, Brigadier Simon Welsh and David O'Brien at the Land 125 Phase 3B contract signing

Craig International Ballistics has secured a major long-term contract under Land 125 Phase 3B to supply advanced protective body armour to the Australian Defence Force.

The contract involves the manufacture of around 20,000 sets of body armour for the Australian Army at a value of approximately $49 million. The contract is for four years with a three year extension option.

The armour was designed in-house by the ballistic protection company and is lightweight and durable while also providing improved protection against small arms fire, high-velocity fragments and knife attack.

Read the press release.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021