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Boeing to boost local recruitment to meet defence contract demands

Boeing to boost local recruitment to meet defence contract demands

Having recently won two major defence contracts, Boeing Defence Australia (BDA) is set to step up its recruitment to create 220 new positions - 197 of which will be engineering jobs - with most of these based in Brisbane.

The contracts driving the recruitment growth include the Land 2072 Phase 2B Project and a contract to provide a helicopter aircrew training system which involves BDA supplying aircraft and training devices, training and instructors, and all associated support and maintenance.

The Land 2072 contract involves the supply of an enhanced, integrated battlespace communication network to provide the Australian Defence Force with secure voice, data and video services between deployed land forces and their counterparts at headquarters, here and overseas.

Both are significant, high-value contracts that will continue for some years to come.

With growth predicated for the aerospace industry across South East Asia, India and China, there is likely to be an increase in demand for commercial and defence aircraft, and therefore, continued demand for systems engineers.

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021