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Army innovation day 2015 human factor technologies

Army Innovation Day 2015 to showcase human factors technologies

The Australian Army will host their second annual Innovation Day on 14 October 2015. This invitation-only showcase is designed to increase the understanding of opportunities to enhance capability and to ultimately realise that potential in both immediate and long-term timeframes.

This year's Innovation Day will focus on human factors capabilities including:

  • immersive and adaptive training technologies
  • nutrition technology for the tiered combatants - foods, ergogenic aids (caffeine gum, etc.), ration pack technology
  • load sharing equipment for the Tier 2 dismounted combatant
  • individual physiological state monitoring technology (health and wellbeing)
  • cultural and awareness trainers.

Unlike trade shows, the Innovation Day will allow participating organisations to sequentially demonstrate their capabilities throughout the first half of the day. This enables the Army representatives to give their undivided attention to the presentations. The second half of the day allows the Army representatives to immediately discuss the suitability and potential of the presented capabilities, and choose those, if any, they would like to progress to trial.

For those organisations interested in the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their products, services and capabilities directly to Army representatives, please contact:

Major Pierre Pel: or
Major Ben Damyon:

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Last updated: 16 Nov 2021