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Barbie Keller from Cubic Defence Australia

After 14 years in the Australian Defence Force, Major Barbie Keller decided it was time to pursue a second career without having to leave the Army entirely.

The opportunity to use her extensive military expertise came in February 2021 when Cubic Defence Australia offered Barbie a job as their Manager Battlegroup Training and Analysis.

Headquartered in Townsville, the company supports a range of programs and solutions for the Australian Defence Force and also offers training and simulation systems and services.

Barbie said the opportunity to work with Cubic came at the right time in her life.

“My entire Army career was very rewarding and included two operational deployments in Sinai, Egypt and South Sudan,” she said.

“After 14 years I wanted a change but one which would still allow me to retain connection with the Army, including a part-time Army Reserve role with the 31st/42nd Battalion, the Royal Queensland Regiment in Townsville, where I am an infantry officer.”

In her new role, Barbie works closely with Army’s Combat Training Centre (CTC) to help plan Australia-wide training exercises.

“The CTC delivers realistic and measurable military training situations for the Australian Army using a mix of live, virtual and constructive simulation for Army units from platoon to battle group and beyond,” she said.

“Since I joined Cubic, I have supported military exercises like Talisman Sabre 2021 which is the largest collective training activity between the Australian Defence Force and the United States military.”

Last updated: 16 Nov 2021