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Defence industry capability development

With the growth of defence industries in Australia and internationally has come increased complexity in the skills needed to deliver modern equipment and services. We’re working with partners in industry, education and government to ensure Queensland businesses have access to the welding, systems integration, engineering, coding and other specialised capabilities they need to fulfil defence contracts.

Defence Materials Technology Centre Industry Capability Development

The Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC) is a partnership-based organisation founded under the Australian Government’s Defence Future Capability Technology Centre Program. Their mission is to build Australian industrial capability to enhance our nation’s defence and national security capabilities.

We’re partnering with DMTC to benchmark and develop businesses across Queensland through their Industry Capability Development Program in welding. Through this program we’re contributing to a national network of “Defence-ready” companies with benchmarked, globally competitive welding capabilities. This will set up Queensland businesses with the latest skills and techniques needed to work on maritime and land vehicle projects.

Find out more about DMTC’s Industry Capability Development Program in welding.

TAFE Queensland – Advanced Welding Course

Advanced vehicles need advanced manufacturing techniques. The number of major projects in Queensland’s defence, maritime and advanced manufacturing sectors is creating demand for welders qualified to the ISO 9606 fusion welding international standard.

We’re partnering with TAFE Queensland to help meet that demand by supplying 15 state-of-the-art augmented reality welding simulators for training Queenslanders. These simulators will fast track experienced welders to reach the required standard in less time and at a lower cost than traditional methods, while receiving instant, real-time feedback on their work.

More qualified welders means more opportunities for Queensland businesses to take on leading edge defence projects.

Find out more about TAFE Queensland’s Advanced Welding Course.

TAFE Queensland – Naval Shipbuilding College endorsement

The Naval Shipbuilding College (NSC) is leading the charge to ensure Australia has the skilled and sustainable workforce needed to deliver on the Commonwealth’s first continuous Naval Shipbuilding Program. TAFE Queensland was the first educational facility outside the NSC’s home state of South Australia to receive the organisation’s training endorsement.

Queensland students who have completed a Certificate III in Engineering-Fabrication Trade (welding component) are now considered “job ready” for shipbuilding jobs across Australia. Queensland businesses employing these skilled workers now have the capabilities they need to tender for ship building and sustainment contracts.

For more information on the course, including how to register, visit TAFE Queensland.

Last updated: Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020