Martin Alexander (L) and Carl Quarterman (R) inspect rubber parts for delivery to Haulmark Trailers as part of LAND 121 Phase 3B.

Name: Martin Alexander
Position: Defence Sales

What are your company's capabilities?

Queensland Gaskets is a family-owned and operated Australian manufacturing company based in Salisbury, Brisbane.

We provide manufacturing and cutting services and have a proud history developed from the manufacture of gaskets and sealing solutions. We have the capability and experience to cut a wide range of materials from foams and rubber, and engineer plastics and metals. Our industrial cutting capabilities include abrasive water jet cutting, CNC routing, hydraulic presses and slitting.

How are these capabilities unique?

  • Queensland Gaskets' techniques and processes have developed over our 60 years of manufacturing.
  • We have the capacity and ability to meet requirements from intricate bespoke parts to high-volume orders.
  • We stock and manufacture a wide range of materials including engineering plastics, rubber, military-grade EMR/RFI silicone shielding, thermal interface, acoustic insulation foams, composites, metals, shims, laminated shims and Donit Tesnit fibre gasket material.
  • Queensland Gaskets' design teams work with customers from introduction to completion of work to ensure parts are manufactured to meet finished product specifications.

What projects are you currently working on?

Queensland Gaskets are supplying parts to the following projects:

Current projects:

  • rubber and plastic components for Haulmark Trailers' LAND 121 Phase 3B trailer build
  • specialty rubber component supply on Mack/Volvo trucks based in North Queensland.

Previous and ongoing support projects:

  • rubber components for Haulmark Trailers' LAND 121 Phase 3A trailer build
  • products currently embedded in electronic warfare and mission systems on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
  • laminated mil spec aluminium shims on the Collins Class submarine
  • support for other commercial customers in the pump, transport, mining and engineering sectors - after 60 years our list of customers is extensive and pervasive to the global market.

What are your company's plans for the next one to two years?

Queensland Gaskets' plans are to:

  • expand our defence support capabilities to offer a wider range of products and product assemblies
  • maintain and improve our quality control to ensure our products are "right goods - right first time"
  • develop and maintain relationships with our customers and assist them to achieve their quality, time and cost objectives
  • consolidate our CNC routing capability to match our water cutting experience, and explore new capabilities to broaden our product offering
  • work with Tier 1 suppliers to assist where possible in tendering for LAND 400 and SEA 1000 projects.

What accreditations does your company hold?

  • ISO9001

Company details

  • Website:
    Location: Salisbury, Queensland
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Phone: +61 (07) 3277 3922