Infrastructure Australia plays an important role in prioritising nationally important infrastructure. In 2015, Infrastructure Australia audited national and northern Australian infrastructure to create the 2016 Australian Infrastructure Plan.

The second Australian Infrastructure Audit (Audit) was released on 13 August 2019,presenting a forward view of 136 national infrastructure challenges and 44 opportunities across the energy, transport, telecommunications, water, waste and social infrastructure sectors for the next 15 years and beyond.

Infrastructure Australia is currently developing the next Australian Infrastructure Plan, to be published in 2021. This plan will respond to each policy challenge and opportunity identified in the 2019 Audit. It will give recommendations for reform and set a path for measuring progress.

We coordinate Queensland's whole-of-government submissions to Infrastructure Australia, including input to inform the Australian Infrastructure Audit and Plan.

Infrastructure Priority List

Infrastructure Australia also publishes the Infrastructure Priority List. This list of nationally significant investments is made up of:

  • Initiatives: early-stage proposals that have the potential to address a nationally significant problem or opportunity
  • Projects: advanced proposals for which a fully developed business case has been positively assessed by the independent Infrastructure Australia Board.

The list is a collaborative ‘live’ document that is updated as proposals move through the stages of development to delivery. It considers data and findings from the 2019 Australian Infrastructure Audit and submissions from state and territory governments, industry and the community.

The Infrastructure Priority List is also published annually in a report which includes one-page summaries of all positively assessed Initiatives and Projects. This year a mid-year update of the Priority List was released, highlighting the most recent priority proposals assessed by Infrastructure Australia.

Queensland Projects and Initiatives on the list as at August 2020 are detailed below.

View the current Infrastructure Priority List.

High-priority projects

Priority projects

High-priority initiatives

Priority initiatives

We’re working with Infrastructure Australia and the Australian Government to progress Queensland’s infrastructure priorities and ensure important initiatives and projects are included on the list.