Jobs Queensland's skills development strategy

Advancing Manufacturing Skills (PDF icon 2.6 MB) is a skills, training and workforce development strategy. It will assist all Queensland manufacturers to develop the workforce skills they need during a time of significant change.

The strategy identifies challenges and opportunities within the Queensland manufacturing industry. Constant change challenges the skills of the workforce to stay current. This requires the workforce to adapt.

The strategy highlights ten priority action areas:

  • Position workforce as key partner.
  • Strengthen capabilities.
  • Build understanding and capability in business management, innovation and productivity enhancement.
  • Support an industry-led ecosystem.
  • Foster continued industry opportunity growth.
  • Strengthen the role of apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Develop high levels of skills, adaptability and capability.
  • Increase the diversity of the manufacturing workforce.
  • Position manufacturing as a first-choice career for new entrants and experienced and skilled workers.
  • Facilitate enhanced partnerships and engagement between the manufacturing industry and trainers.

The Queensland Government’s response (PDF icon 1 MB) to the strategy talks about how we can progress these actions. Our response is a framework to partner with industry and identify priorities. Together, the aim is to shape workforce, training and business development strategies. These will contribute to a strong future for manufacturing in Queensland.

The Advancing Manufacturing Skills strategy is part of our advanced manufacturing action plan.